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Our primary products includes silicone toe protectors, plantar fasciitis support products, forefoot/heel pads and all kinds of insoles (orthotics insoles, shock absorption insoles, liquid insoles, height increased insoles) and other foot care products. We had developed self-owned brand "FromUFoot®", which had obtained a good reputation in the world market.

About FromUfoot

We have ten years production experience, mainly engaged in SEBS gel and silicone gel material. With injection molding machine 20 units, large production capacity, fast delivery, the production of good quality and moderate price. Hallux valgus products in China we do best.Shenzhen FromUfoot Co., Ltd, established in 2007.Our goal is to help more and more people focus on foot health by foot care products.

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Correction Of Hallux Valgus Correction Principles

Correction Of Hallux Valgus Correction Principles​Through magnetic metal on thumbs joint line fixed, let toe recovery normal location, using strengthening orthopaedic with metal fixed thumb, on sides pull balance control, improved toe deformity, h...