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Hallux valgus correction insole
- Mar 30, 2017 -

Foot doctors have been warning: foot health health of whole body bone structure, make sure you find a professional foot rehabilitation physician advice make sure and buy. Stress makes incorrect incorrect gait, gait will have poor posture is incorrect, poor form for a long time can cause pathological changes in bone structure, which in older people is the most prominent.

Auxiliary with function: through change double feet not right of negative points, again regulation double foot bones of arranged, long-term orthopaedic can makes foot Department bones arranged reached best State, special on common of foot Department disease as: flat foot, and thumb toe valgus, and followed by valgus, and cross bow collapse, and outside horoscopes and the regulation human negative force line not vertical of bones disease as O type leg, and x type back, and cervical, and pelvic, bones structure up to must of correction role.

For foot pain, low back pain

Foot and ankle doctors confirmed by study: chronic lower limb bone and joint injury causes are due to lower extremity biomechanics, or lower extremity biomechanical line (load lines) has changed, leading to abnormal stress caused by bone and joint. Caused lower extremity biomechanical line changes the root cause in many people blamed "feet". After the age of 30, with the increase of age, people's muscles and ligaments of the foot gradually, its ability to maintain arches when standing when loading, there is arch collapse and even disappear, walk your feet often in valgus position, causing the ankle twisted, resulting in lower limb weight bearing line is not straight. This also causes the unbalanced force of the ankle, knee, exacerbated by chronic injuries of the knee and ankle joints. Long-term changes of lower limb loading line, can cause hip and waist of the compensatory damage, causing chronic back waist and hip disease, clinical manifestations, and the site of long-term chronic pain and joint dysfunction. Foot insoles of friends of health, correct the valgus deformity of the walking foot and ankle twist, improved to varying degrees of lower limb loading lines, improve the unbalanced force of the ankle, knee, so as to alleviate the chronic injuries of the ankle, knee, so as to ease or relieve low back pain and other symptoms.