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The cause of hallux valgus
- Mar 30, 2017 -

According to the epidemiological statistics, about 12% incidence of hallux valgus, more common in the central region, slightly lower incidence of coastal areas, calculated in accordance with China's population of 1.3 billion, China has more than 100 million square feet in patients with bone.

One suggestion: go take off your high heels, with a rubber band through two foot big toe, then stretched to the side, do 30 on back and forth, every day, can prevent hallux valgus.

A piece of advice: after the age of 18, when did the symptoms when the treatment, do not drag, because the more heavier the drag.

A number: at least 100 million people in China have hallux valgus, in every woman's life, at least 20% may suffer from hallux valgus.

A scene: "ballet, and glanced me telescope, discovered the Group of ballet dancers on the stage, eight have hallux valgus."

Causes of hallux valgus can be divided into: two classes of congenital and acquired factors.

Congenital factor

As a result of joint and nerve, muscle and other. For example: flat feet, genetic and foot strength reduction and imbalance, foot function decreased, instability and deformation.

Acquired factor

For wearing not fit shoes by caused of, usually for shoes with too high, and had pointed and the had narrow of shoes, makes heel easily fixed, on toe caused extrusion friction and the oppression, not only effect toe of stretch and activities, caused does not apply and the pain, also will damage has originally three a foothold of function, and line walking body weight fell in foot Department front-end, toe will for body weight oppression gradually deformation, on will caused thumb valgus of phenomenon. For example: a popular high heels, witch shoes and so fierce is the largest original accelerate hallux valgus.