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The clinical manifestations of hallux valgus
- Mar 30, 2017 -

With more women than men, more common in middle-aged and older women, who used to wear high heels and pointy shoes easy onset. Hallux valgus feet foot symmetry appears, mainly for foot deformities and pain. Its hallux valgus deformities characterized foot, oblique toward the other toes, metatarsal head visible at the bottom of the thumb and feet. When injured, metatarsal head highlight hemisphere-shaped can, the second toe to the back of the foot to highlight because of the squeeze.

Foot pain severity and degree of deformity and disproportionate foot thumb sometimes serious pain is not obvious. But most of the injured patients, there will be varying degrees of pain. Pain mainly because of the prominent parts of the metatarsal head, long upper compression and friction, thickening of the skin, bone hyperplasia, and may be subcutaneous Bursa, bursitis, causing swelling, pain. In addition, the second toe raised toward the instep, corns and other current friction problems can also cause pain.