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Bunion Corrector Feature
- Mar 30, 2017 -

Features: suitable for hallux valgus, feet bone deformation of toes, foot deformation correction of the crowd, correcting and limit the development of foot deformities of the thumb to prevent toe deformities increase of older persons, as significant to elderly effect, walking can increase stability and improve posture.

Auxiliary adaptation: a separation for hallux valgus toes and feet bones and bunions, jiaoguguai, overlapping toes.

Method of use:

1, nursing care according to the foot dorsalis tightening bilateral glued

2 in thumb, thumb, metal pieces, in a comfortable fixed

3, trapping strengthened with thumbs, thumb gently pull adjusting to normal bone position

4, will strengthen the belt around the outside of the heel stick to foot nursing care

5, matching pinky orthopedic belt, ring deformation of the little toe, under adjust position stuck to the soles, in the absence of deformation of the little toe, do not need to use

Note: use the first half should not be too heavy, half a month later, according to their own bones to bear their increased efforts.

Size: s-m-l (for 33-45)

Unit: (left), care: hand wash

Note: by day by night, while out walking disabled (mostly in the bones to the correction of the effects of static conditions at night)

Sale: seven-day unconditional return policy lifetime free maintenance

Physical correction of hallux valgus hallux valgus correction belongs to conservative truck bone, in the initial efforts to prohibit the use of heavy use, use half a month and then slowly adjust aggravate Orthopedic, both day and night, when he was walking out the prohibition of the use, (hallux valgus correction is used mainly at night)