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Bunion Corrector Products
- Mar 30, 2017 -

The actual design involves a new type of hallux valgus correction device, which includes the big toe are fixed outside the film, metatarsal fixation plate, plastic toe strap and metatarsal zone, in which the big toe lateral fixed and metatarsal

Fixed through campaign hinged clasp each other; the toe are fixed with settings in the big toe are fixed outside the film; the metatarsal plastic zone through the metatarsal bones are fixed and lapping each other at both ends of the metatarsal plastic zone; the metatarsal plastic zone correction has a little further to one side of great toe. The utility of hallux valgus correction

With the use of simple, convenient operation, and many other advantages, 1. A new thumb valgus correction device, its features is: including big thumb toe outside side fixed tablets, and metatarsal fixed tablets, and thumb toe fixed with and metatarsal plastic with; which, by said big thumb toe outside side fixed tablets and metatarsal fixed tablets through a activities buckle and mutual hinged; by said thumb toe fixed with set in big thumb toe outside side fixed tablets Shang; by said metatarsal plastic with through by said metatarsal fixed tablets, and the metatarsal plastic with of ends mutual take received; Yu by said metatarsal plastic with of front-end further has a small thumb toe correction with.

2. hallux valgus correction as described in requirement 1, characterized: further equipped with a transverse arch support pad on the bottom, the cross fixed on the plastic zone of metatarsal arch support pad.

3. as described in requirement 1 of hallux valgus correction, which is characterized: in the medial metatarsal fixation stick is provided with pads.