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Bunion Corrector Using Processes
- Mar 30, 2017 -

Put feet Palm phalanges plastic shaped with 5 according to by force wearing in feet Palm bottom, toe correction with 7 sets into deformation toe, to instead of direction traction to right toe location and paste in plastic shaped with 5 Shang, put nursing pad 7 fixed in u type toe supporting 1 inside, put regulation nursing pad 2 and first stick received regulation with 3 sets into u type toe supporting Shang, and Xia rod, put installation good of u type toe supporting buckle big thumb toe inside, using u type toe set thumb toe inside and phalanges joint parts for on points, on phalanges by force of latex nursing pad 6 for upper and lower regulation, Adhesion control 4 sets into the second u-toe hold the hooks at the end button.

Bypassing the outer dorsalis buckle toe hold the underside of the tape, then recovery force, arbitrary pasted in the phalanges of the foot shape with 5 or on its own. Makes u type toe supporting two regulation rod on phalanges joint balance do last pressure adjustment, last again put u type toe supporting two regulation Rod Shang of first stick received regulation with 3 back tightened, according to himself of by force, flexible paste in feet Palm phalanges plastic shaped with 5 or its itself Shang. with correction process slowly increased efforts, thumb valgus is for big thumb toe to outside side extrusion closer, raised big thumb toe metatarsal joint not corresponds to, also oppression second, and third toe, caused toe coherent sex of mutual extrusion or overlap, Enhanced unique design for hallux valgus correction of toe can be extruded, for accurate correction.