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Bunion Corrector Works
- Mar 30, 2017 -

Used a article feet Palm phalanges plastic shaped with 5 on phalanges joint for pressure within received, again to feet Palm phalanges plastic shaped with 5 for efforts regulation surface, using u type toe supporting 1 buckle big thumb toe inside, u type toe supporting can let big thumb toe inside full received pressure, padded 6 can let inside phalanges parts full balanced absorption pressure, to u type toe supporting 1 upper and lower two root for regulation Rod rod, to inside phalanges parts for pressure points, using set in u type toe supporting Central and tail Shang of stick buckle with on big thumb toe correction force for flexible regulation, Two velcro hooks can be pasted on their own can also be fixed on the shape of the foot and toe correction flexible correction on any of the deformation of the toes, toes to pull in the opposite direction of deformation, paste in the shape of the foot with toe correction. Positive effective correction of hallux valgus hallux valgus correction and deformation of the toes, the deformity of hallux valgus post-operative rehabilitation is also a correct preventive role, easily corrected, flexible adjustment, simple, crowd is wearing high heels and hallux valgus, health is the most effective protection toe assistive devices.