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Bunion Splint Have A Certain Effect Can Make Feet More Beautiful
- Jul 17, 2017 -

The Bunion Splint valgus is a common pod of the foot. The performance of the big Bunion Splint outward write, and the roots inward income, and thus grow a drum bag in the roots, making the front foot like a triangle "snake head", which is the hallux valgus (commonly known as "big turn"). Affect the patient's shoes, but also cause pain, if not treated, deformity and pain will gradually increase, serious will also affect the other Bunion Splints and joints of the position, big Bunion Splint outside the write can be located in the second, three feet Bunion Splint the bottom, the second, three Bunion Splint up. But also easily lead to foot long cocoon. Walking pain, the patient is not fit, to work, life inconvenience and pain, the appearance of the lack of beauty.

Treatment: including non-surgical therapy and orthopedic surgery

Non-surgical therapy: early lesions, less pain, can be used to wear a large front with a height of not more than 50px shoes, massage, move the Bunion Splints to the inside of the foot, walking in the sand on the ground, exercise foot muscle, heat, rest Wait. Gymnastic correction also has a certain effect, that is, on both sides of the first Bunion Splint on the rubber band to do the opposite direction of the traction action, 2 times a day, every 10 minutes.

Surgical orthopedic: minimally invasive osteotomy corrective deformity of the new method, simply put, is to wear the Bunion Splint heel of the "big turn", cut off the first metatarsal, by correcting deformity, the use of traditional Chinese medicine small plywood principle, postoperative With wide tape external fixation. Compared with the traditional method, with local anesthesia, incision small (length of not more than 1cm), do not do internal fixation, do not play plaster, after surgery to the ground, the pain is small, quick recovery, less complications and so on. Has been treated with this method more than 10,000 cases of patients, the effect of 98.5%, for the leading domestic and international advanced level of treatment.

The initial stage of the thumb eversion. This is a relatively minor stage, big Bunion Splint out about 10 degrees, affecting the leg of the beautiful, but there will be no obvious pain, the soles of the feet have a slight cocoon, will not directly affect the walking, long time to wear high heels may Cause pain.

The middle of the thumb eversion. More serious stage of the big Bunion Splint outward 10-20 degrees, joints and ligaments will produce inflammation, first, the second Bunion Splints will be significantly squeezed, the soles of the feet were significantly widened, sometimes the foot of the foot will have a clear cocoon, long Time to walk easily lead to big joints at the joint pain or soles of the feet pain.

Thumb valgus serious stage. This stage will be out of the twist 20-40 degrees, big Bunion Splints and the second Bunion Splints will overlap, there may be caused by cross-bow collapse, corns, foot pad, flat foot, heel pain, feet difficult to balance the symptoms , This will seriously affect the standing and walking.

Big Bunion Splint deformity stage. This stage of the big Bunion Splint overturned more than 40 degrees, Bunion Splints the end of the mission, big Bunion Splint and two Bunion Splints serious overlap, Bunion Splints are not force, foot arch collapse, difficult to walk, the soles of the feet directly to the partial pressure, foot with calluses, feet If the serious mistakes will make the joints difficult to coordinate the operation, resulting in changes in human life line of force lines, causing knee inflammation and back pain and so on.