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Bunion Splint It Is Also Important To Protect Your Feet
- Jul 06, 2017 -

Ballet has been a classic dance, it has a long history and brilliant record, too many ballet are still enduring, when it comes to ballet, we will think of "three long and one small" aesthetic tendencies, Legs long, long arm, long neck and face small. This is the requirement for size. However, few people will be learning ballet when to see their feet is not suitable for learning ballet. And for the ballet, the foot is the most important point, or how will there be "on the tip of the art" so famous? So, for ballet dancers, the requirements of the foot is very harsh. Genetted Bunion Splint valgus is not suitable for learning ballet, and in learning, to protect their feet is also very important, training unscientific attention will also form a foot Bunion Splint valgus disease. Thumb valgus will not only affect the appearance of the foot, but also cause pain, decreased mobility, to the ballet dancers jump, foothold and other actions caused great obstacles. So, if it is a ballet dancer, we have to understand and know how to prevent thumb eversion.

First, some of the common symptoms of the Bunion Splint valgus

Tilt outside the tilt, the formation of the first metatarsal joint prominent to the inside called the thumb eversion. It is a common foot deformity, generally more women. The incidence of ballet dancers is particularly high, and gradually increases with the increase in training years. The cross angle of the first metatarsal and proximal arch of the foot is called the hallux valgus angle. According to the survey results of the general population in the capital area, the normal value of the hallux valgus is 10.1 ° and the female is 10.6 °. And when the hallux valgus angle greater than 15 ° can be diagnosed as valgus.

1, resulting in the four stages of the Bunion Splint valgus

The initial stage of the thumb eversion. This is a relatively minor stage, big Bunion Splint outward 10 degrees or so, affecting the leg of the beautiful, but there will be no obvious pain, the soles of the feet have a slight cocoon, will not directly affect the walking, long time to wear high heels may Cause pain.

The middle of the thumb eversion. More severe stage of the big Bunion Splint outward 10-20 degrees, joints and ligaments will produce inflammation, the first, the second Bunion Splints will be squeezed, the soles of the feet were significantly widened, sometimes the foot will be a long foot cocoon, long Time to walk easily lead to the big Bunion Splint at the joint pain or soles of the feet pain.

Thumb valgus serious stage. This stage will be out of the twist 20-40 degrees, big Bunion Splints and the second Bunion Splints will overlap, there may be caused by cross-bow collapse, corns, foot pad, flat foot, heel pain, feet difficult to balance the symptoms , This will seriously affect the standing and walking.

Big Bunion Splint deformity stage. This stage of the big Bunion Splint overturned more than 40 degrees, Bunion Splints the end of the mission, big Bunion Splint and two Bunion Splints serious overlap, Bunion Splints are not force, foot arch collapse, difficult to walk, the soles of the feet directly to the partial pressure, foot with calluses, feet If the serious mistakes can make the joints difficult to coordinate the operation, resulting in changes in human life line of tension, causing knee inflammation and back pain and so on.

2, the Bunion Splint eversion will cause common bursitis and foot corpus callus complications

Skeletal Inflammation is a synovial capsule between the Bunion Splint joints and the skin, which is the most common complication of the thumb eversion. The synovial sac is located in the subcutaneous tissue between the skin and the protruding parts of the bone. When the occurrence of the Bunion Splint valgus, the first metatarsal joint inward protrusion, will make the Bunion Splint synovial capsule to withstand excessive pressure and friction, causing synovial cyst swelling and expansion, and the volume increases. In the foothold, the first metatarsal joint to bear the weight, especially the one leg based on the tip, the burden is increased, traction to the inside of the foot ligament, making the first metatarsal bursa repeatedly received extrusion and friction Resulting in pain, so it is difficult to do the action. This will affect the training of ballet skills, such as jumping skills, rotating skills and so on.

Callus is from the heel to the forefoot to form a longitudinal fornix, in the forefoot has five metatarsal head to form a small transverse bow dome, so that foot in the load walking has a great buffer effect. From the scientific and medical point of view, in the Bunion Splint valgus, the foot arch arc will increase, resulting in the first metatarsal sage dislocation, making the first metatarsal center of gravity decreased. When the foot of the elastic loss of the bow, in the load when the collapse, so that the central metatarsal head overweight, resulting in the central foot of the callus. In the process of ballet dance jumping and landing, as the weight structure of the front foot arch plays an important role in the buffer, and the special ballet shoes will bring a certain burden to the soles of the feet. And the Bunion Splint valgus due to cross bow collapse, foot force distribution imbalance, the second metatarsal head too early, too much to bear the weight, there will be painful callus, will seriously affect the jump and foothold.