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Correction Of Hallux Valgus Correction Principles
- Mar 30, 2017 -

Through magnetic metal on thumbs joint line fixed, let toe recovery normal location, using strengthening orthopaedic with metal fixed thumb, on sides pull balance control, improved toe deformity, help toe joint recovery corresponds to, makes foot Department bones in best arranged location, gradually makes thumb valgus, and Bigfoot bone, and toe deformity pain symptoms get rehabilitation and the correction, using magnetic energy release function, magnetic---it can caused human neural, and humoral metabolism, series changes. With blood circulation, blood stasis, swelling, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic effects by magnetic field treatment on the human body, promote blood circulation in the feet relieves toe pain, can quickly correct the deformity of the toe.

Thumb valgus correction device is in night sleep of when using of, main is in bones static of situation down up to correction of effect, in initial using, avoid using overweight by force, first by himself of comfortable degrees using, in using half months Hou again slowly of regulation aggravated orthopaedic efforts, in initial using will has minor of pain sense, is belongs to effect reaction, as feel correction pain obviously who, can in using Qian do 50 Xia toe caught to movement, will has must of help.