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Don't Wear High Heels Hurt Yourself
- Mar 30, 2017 -

Reminds you of the health world: don't hurt yourself by wearing beautiful high heels. Wearing high heels elegant and generous but often cause damage in the foot, and are likely to fall, sprain, and low back pain and other symptoms may occur. United States visit a 640 women showed that more than half of the respondents were not satisfied with his normally wear shoes, the main reason is that the shoes were unable to make their feet feel comfortable. In addition, American foot and Ankle Society (AOFAS) said that each year, about 800,000 cases of female patients with bunions, claw toes, rub the nerve tumors, hammertoes surgery.

Thus, Taiwan's Yang Ming University rehabilitation Assistant Director, Professor with the Institute of science and technology, National Yang Ming University Professor, Institute of biomedical engineering, we offer writers Zheng Cheng gong pointed out that if women can choose heels and when wearing high heels, match-related foot care products, can effectively prevent the occurrence of foot disease.

If you have been suffering from nerves, and you should select in sole flexibility of sneakers use with metatarsal pad, reducing pain caused by inflammation.

If toe cysts, symptoms in mild cases can use toe cysts sheath, foot night splint toe cysts protective gear to prevent further deterioration, and in severe cases, you may have to accept joint treatment of orthopedic surgery.

Found toe slightly out of the situation, should ask the physician, and toe splint at night and used for correction.