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Foot Skin Care Socks Foot Maintenance Is More Important
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Foot Skin Care Socks The importance of foot maintenance

Feet by 26 bones, 19 muscles and more than 100 ligaments, these parts bear the body weight every day, a long time in a state of high tension. Do not always care and maintenance of the foot of the people generally have these two problems - soles of the feet peeling / cracking, dry and rough, the foot skin looks a little wrinkled, skin color is also some bleak colorless.

If you usually do not pay attention to the care of the foot care, foot skin is easier to dry peeling, serious will crack, not serious feet will also look very good looking. In fact, as long as the daily care and maintenance, soft and delicate slender foot you can have!


Exfoliating is a step that is important for foot maintenance.

One method

1, slightly horny - foot bath salt feet

① daily shower gel, add appropriate amount of foot bath salt, drop 1 drop of lemon essential oil

② mix thoroughly massage foot 2,3 minutes can be.

The main effect: can remove the excess horny, the feet of the deep clean, soft, meticulous, tender foot skin.

2, moderate horny - scrub exfoliating

① feet soaked in hot water for 10 minutes soften the horny and dead skin, you can drop in the water a few drops of chamomile or lavender essence (to help anti-inflammatory sterilization), but also down half of the bag of milk (whitening skin)

② use for the foot skin scrub for massage;

③ If the feet are more heavy horny, can choose matte board (or foot stone) for grinding. Use, to friction along the same direction crust parts, should not be too much force.


Scrub exfoliation can also be done after washing the hot water bath,Foot Skin Care Socks at this time the feet of the skin has been enough to be softened, can save the first step.

3, severe horny - file exfoliating

① use the file, remember to shake, horizontal grip will cut the skin, there is no force is too large, or easy to hurt the foot;

② first rub the soles of the feet, and then rub the edge and heel. Can bend the soles of the feet, so washboard was 90 degrees angle, that will be grinding average;

③ rub and then use moisturizing oil / milk moist feet.


1, to pay special attention can not be too hard, otherwise it will lose the protective layer of the foot. So less than a last resort, it is recommended not to use the file to exfoliate;

2, heel exfoliating frequency can not be too frequent (1 time per week), too much exfoliating but will damage the skin. We should pay more attention to the heel in the usual care and maintenance work;

3, after finishing the horny to pay attention to moisturizing effect of good moisturizing foot cream, every toe until the ankle should be thin and dense smear evenly. But also remember to have more than daily (recommended at least once a day);

4, do not just peel the foot from the skin,Foot Skin Care Socks do not pull the skin from scratch, otherwise there may be wound infection and inflammation of the risk of cellulitis.

Foot massage

Time: 15 minutes

Material: foot bath, hot water, essential oil, foot bath agent


① before the foot bath to drink a cup of warm water or hot tea, the feet into the 38 ~ 41 ℃ water, the depth of the ankle to keep the top of the location of the punch;

② according to their own needs to increase the specific effect of foot bath products, such as: wormwood (to help warm the body), red wine (excluding the body of garbage),Foot Skin Care Socks mint essential oil (to help get rid of fatigue, accelerate physical recovery)


Do not carry out regular foot treatment. Foot can relax, but unqualified foot hospital brings foot bacteria, may lead to more problems, such as nail endogenous or infection.

To choose a regular foot care institutions, and the best to bring their own care tools, go home after the feet to apply some of the bacillus antibiotics.

Daily maintenance foot small method

1, nail care

① If the foot skin in good condition, can be directly smear cream;

② if the foot of the nail easy to crack, can be coated with high oil nail nutrient oil;

③ In addition to brush brushing products, ball-type finger oil or hand care oil can be.

2, nutrition Runfu

① wrapped with a hot towel will be feet (better after bathing), and then apply a lot of natural shea butter to protect the foot cream, which can effectively improve the moisture content of feet;

② easy to dry the heel, you need to smear a little more;

③ smear is best wrapped with plastic wrap feet, put on cotton socks, about 15 to 20 minutes.

Life care small tips

1, socks sprinkle soda powder in addition to foot odor

① foot faint sweat Hong Kong feet, you can sprinkle the soda powder in the shoes or socks, and then how serious the foot odor will disappear, the Hong Kong feet have a good effect Oh.

② is the alum on socks or shoes, but must always be replaced. In addition, the bath when the soap on the towel, rubbing between the toes, the prevention of Hong Kong feet are also very effective.

③ use the foot when the foot of the shampoo,Foot Skin Care Socks you can completely remove the dirt, remove the smell, but also to prevent the foot caused by the athlete's foot.

Before wearing socks, you can apply tea tree oil in the toe gap, but also to prevent foot odor.

④ After a bath every day, facing the foot spray some perfume,Foot Skin Care Socks can effectively remove the smell, but also to ease the tension and stress, improve sleep quality.

2, simple foot film socks

If you do not have enough time to do foot care, may wish to buy a pair of foot socks, every day after bathing wear, socks, moisturizing ingredients like the mask to moisten the foot, so soft and delicate.

3, feet to rub the honey to improve rough

① feet change is very rough, you can rub on the honey, and then use OK to bounce good, one night can be improved.

② with lemon, watermelon rind, small cucumber and other foods rich in vitamin C feet, can make the foot skin soft, delicate, to prevent the foot inflammation, and whitening effect.

4, less wear shoes / high heels / sandals

As little as possible to wear shoes, sandals, especially high heels, can not wear to wear.

Shoes are relatively hard soles,Foot Skin Care Socks has been wearing a soles of the feet will be grinding out the yellow calluses;

Wear high heels for a long time the toes will become winding, very ugly;

And wear sandals remember to rub a good sunscreen, ultraviolet light and the ground up the dust will make your feet thick and black!