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Foot Skin Care Socks Let The Foot Better Release
- Jun 02, 2017 -

But also to show the beautiful feet of the sandals season,Foot Skin Care Socks if your foot there are all kinds of problems, as soon as a thorough foot detox massage it! In the United States at the same time, but also help to eliminate a lot of health risks!

How is the common foot problem coping?

1. chapped and cracked

Chapped and friction caused by dry skin caused by common in the heel, callus around the site and chronic fungal infection. In order to prevent chapped, lubricants can be used to protect the skin moist. Feet if fungal infection (athlete's foot) should be invited to open an anti-fungal medicine practitioners exposed to the affected area. Toes between the sweat can make the skin between the toe caused by chapped,Foot Skin Care Socks so, after the feet to wipe, dry. Keep the shoes and socks dry, wearing the right shoes, prohibited shoes are foreign matter.

2. blisters

Due to poor blood circulation, thin tissue soft tissue, dry skin and other reasons, any part of the foot by the extrusion or friction, are likely to lead to blisters. Once the blisters occur, try to avoid breaking the blisters, so as not to hurt the wound by bacteria. If the blister is too large, affect the daily action, should be in the sterile operation of the liquid, sterile gauze cover,Foot Skin Care Socks if necessary, given antibiotics for treatment. Blisters dry after the formation of crust, do not force it to exfoliate, to prevent secondary infection. Should wear socks and shoes suitable for their own foot shape, can reduce the chance of blistering.

3. paronychia

Paramyx is caused by the stabbing, bruising, malleating or pulling "barb" after a ditch and its nearby tissue. A lower abscess often occurs by the spread of paronychia,Foot Skin Care Socks or a lower stab wound caused by infection, or finger crush injury caused by secondary hematoma hematoxia secondary infection. At first the side of a ditch swelling and pain, a short period of time will purulent infection, can spread to the nail root and the opposite side of the ditch, the formation of paronychia, can also spread to the formation of a lower abscess.

Bamboo fiber is a natural environment-friendly biodegradable fiber, it is based on bamboo as a raw material from a special process. Bamboo fiber manufacturing process using high-tech means,Foot Skin Care Socks is cotton, hemp, wool, silk four natural fibers after the fifth largest natural textile elements, is a real "ecological fiber", with the following six effects:

(1) Soft and smooth

Bamboo fiber surface is smooth, has a unique velvet feeling, to the delicate skin of the most soft and smooth care, is doing my part of skin care preferred material.

(2) strong water absorption

Bamboo fiber cross-section covered with large and small oval-shaped pores,Foot Skin Care Socks the natural cross-section of a high degree of hollow, so that it can instantly absorb and evaporate a lot of water, called "fiber queen."

(3) antibacterial anti-mite

Bamboo contains a natural bactericidal ingredients "bamboo Kun", so that it has antibacterial anti-mite characteristics. By the National Cotton Textile Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center test and verification: the same number of bacteria observed under a microscope, bacteria in cotton,Foot Skin Care Socks wood fiber products can be a lot of reproduction, and bamboo fiber products on the bacteria after 24 hours was killed more than 80% , Antibacterial ability is unmatched by other textile raw materials.

(4) easy to clean

Bamboo fiber after a thorough degreasing, de-sugar, deproteinized treatment, to prevent the stains in the bamboo fiber towels on the chemical reaction, with a strong cleaning capacity, decontamination fast and thorough.

(5) anti-ultraviolet

Bamboo fiber UV penetration rate of six thousandths, cotton UV penetration rate of two thousandths, bamboo fiber UV resistance is 417 times the cotton.