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Hand Skin Care Gloves Maintenance Is Important
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Winter, the human skin moisture can easily be absorbed by outdoor air, so that metabolism becomes slow. Eye due to less sebaceous glands, in this season, it is easy to produce wrinkles.

Ordinary people can prepare hot water, with their steam to moisten their faces. About 10 minutes, due to the role of hot steam, will cause skin telangiectasia,Hand Skin Care Gloves blood circulation to speed up, increased metabolism, the skin was able to moisture and luster. After the skin after maintenance, but also in the eyebrows to the lower eyelid at the paint some oil cream, and then gently massage to prevent wrinkles.

In order to prevent dry skin, should also note the following:

1, do not wash your hands with plenty of soap and wash your face.

2, wash your face with a soft towel dry, and rub some grease, glycerol and other emollients.

3, eat more carrots, spinach and other foods containing more vitamin A. Vitamin A protects the skin and prevents wrinkles.

Winter beauty skin care

We have not found that winter comes, the skin is particularly easy to dry and itchy. In fact, this is not only because of the relationship between the season, but also due to the body and clothing caused by static electricity caused by the skin. So, like this weather, we still try to use cotton clothes. If you feel that cotton clothes are too loose,Hand Skin Care Gloves do not keep warm in the body. Can also choose to add the card. This is not easy to produce static electricity, but also play the effect of body sculpting warm.

Autumn and winter bath water should not be too hot, do not vigorously rub. Soap, alkaline is too strong, easy to damage the skin surface of the sebum, so that the skin will become more dry. So, or with the best shower gel ~ after the bath can be wiped some lotion or moisturizing oil and the like to prevent the skin dry.

Do not indiscriminate use of skin care products. Because the winter sebum less, prone to pigmentation. Therefore, after the remover is completed, it is necessary to timely use of water to protect the skin care products. Spring and autumn can be used whitening sunscreen skin care products, summer,Hand Skin Care Gloves winter moisturizing skin care products can be used. As for what brand, it depends on your skin. I used to recommend someone else with Clinique's yellow lotion. As a result, recently my classmates used the skin but allergies, and scared I no longer afraid to recommend.

In addition, in the autumn and winter, because the hand,Hand Skin Care Gloves head and neck are exposed to the outside, so we should wear scarves, gloves and earmuffs to play a warm role. Remember to wear an emulsion before wearing a scarf and glove. This can reduce the degree of direct and skin friction.

Finally, and most importantly,Hand Skin Care Gloves is the diet. Eat foods rich in vitamin A, because the body lacks vitamin A, the skin will become dry. So I recommend you eat soy trotters soup. Thick, sticky, soothing,Hand Skin Care Gloves soy milk trotters soup is added Ve and collagen, eat once a week, dry skin will be improved. As well as white barley soup, red dates wolfberry soup ... ... these are good things clean bowel detoxification. I sometimes drink a little drink Oh, sweet soup Well, women love to drink.