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Massage Therapy Can Make The Body Better
- Jul 17, 2017 -

Massage Therapy In the massage clinic outpatient treatment, shoulder pain accounted for about 1 / 5. Female patients more, and the onset of age in advance, just born the child if the child is improperly adjusted, it is easy to suffer from the disease. Mainly for the shoulder pain around the shoulder joint movement is limited, if not timely treatment,Massage Therapy can lead to shoulder muscle atrophy, joint stiffness, shoulder tissue adhesion, and finally caused the arm can not lift, can not comb, can not bowl, can not mention thing.

1, massage with exercise

(1) refers to rubbing pain point:

Scapulohumeral disease patients shoulder there are a lot of tenderness points, where the pressure of the place where the pain is the treatment of the use of the side of the thumb,Massage Therapy middle finger or index finger rubbing the affected side of the shoulder pain, Each knead for about 10 minutes. The purpose is to relax the shoulder soft tissue, for the follow-up exercise to prepare the shoulder.

(2) acupuncture analgesic:

Press the ipsia side of the mouth, hand three points and Qu pool points. This is the effective combination of shoulder and upper limb pain.

Hegu points in the back of the hand, the first 1,2 metacarpal, the second metacarpal radial side of the midpoint. To the side of the thumb and phalanx stripes, on the other hand thumb, index finger between the web of the web, the thumb tip is the point.

Shou Sanli points in the forearm on the back, Quchi acupoints under the two fingers, press up will feel particularly sore.

Quchi points in the elbow transverse striated lateral side, elbow, elbow stripes and the humeral epicondyle connection midpoint.

(3) walk away exercise:

Patients bent over, ipsilateral arm sagging, the first force to move forward and backward, and then to the left and right swing, the action range from small to large, repeated. So that the amplitude of the shoulder swing gradually increased, the bigger the better.

(4) Bend Akira Method:

Bend the ipsilateral shoulder with the arm to sag, position and walk away the same exercise. And then do the shoulder joint ring movement, action from small to large, from slow to fast,Massage Therapy there may be pain, so do not pursue a thorough, should be patient, step by step.

(5) "climbing the wall" activities:

Patients face the wall standing, with both hands or one hand along the wall slowly upward crawling, so that the upper limb as much as possible, and then slowly retreat, back to the original,Massage Therapy repeated. You can also use the limb of the hand holding a pen, each time to the highest point, draw a marked "climb" height, for the next day more than every day practice, you can gradually restore the arm of the high function.

(6) Baotou Development Law:

Hands crossed in the back of the neck, two elbows as close as possible to each other, and then for shoulder joint surgery, two elbows out of the write, repeated more than 20 times.

(7) Hair:

Patients with the limb comb their hair, starting from the ipsilateral comb, from the former comb to the post, and then comb the contralateral hair, but also from the past after the comb.

(8) body handle:

Hands toward the back, hand holding the hand, the hand to the contralateral oblique above the repeated traction, and then gradually pull up, repeated.

(9) outside the rotary exercise:

Patients standing against the wall, the ipsilateral upper limb fist and elbow, do the shoulder outside the rotation action, that is, we often say that the activities of the shoulder ring movement. Try to make the fist hit the wall, repeated.