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Massage Therapy Eliminate Fatigue And Relax Muscles
- Aug 04, 2017 -

Clinically, many types of Massage Therapy techniques used, different schools, different movements, according to dozens of even up to hundreds of species, but the commonly used, but twenty or thirty kinds. These methods in the practical application of a certain law. According to its direction of force can be divided into the following five kinds. (Plane hard way)

There is a push method, rubbing method, Mo Fa, rubbing method, wiping method.

1. Push: use your fingers or palm in the body of a certain position or acupuncture points to do before and after, up and down or around the push. The power used in the application of the push method must be determined by the weight of light and weight according to different parts. Force, the role of muscle, internal organs; forced hours, the role of subcutaneous tissue. The general frequency of 50 to 150 times / min, began to slow down, gradually accelerated. Push according to different parts and conditions can be divided into thumb push, palm push, elbow tip push, boxing push.

The main role of the push method is Shujinhuoxue, antispasmodic pain, increase skin strength, promote muscle growth, eliminate fatigue and relax the muscles.

2. Kneading method: with a finger or palm in the body of a part of the body to do roundabout Roudong.

Rubbing the law of the force is generally not only reached the subcutaneous tissue, but when the heavy rubbing is called the role of muscle. The frequency is slower 50-100 times / min, generally from light to heavy to light. This approach is more moderate, more in the pain or strong way to stimulate the use of, but also in the relaxation of muscle, the lifting of local spasms. Operation fingers and palms should be close to the skin, and can not move between the skin, and subcutaneous tissue is rubbed, the range can be gradually expanded. According to the rubbing of the different parts can be divided into thumb rub, big fish kneading, elbow rub, palm rubbing and so on.

Rubbing the main role is swelling and pain, blood circulation, consumption of qi, help digestion.

3. Mo Fa: with a finger or palm in the body of a certain position or acupuncture points, so that the surface of the skin along the counterclockwise direction of the cyclone movement. Operation refers to or palm not close to the skin, in the skin surface to do the rotation of the friction, gentle and shallow, only the skin and subcutaneous. Mo Fa frequency according to the needs of the disease may be, generally slow 30-60 times / min, fast 100-200 times / min or so. This method with more than one hand Mo, also available both hands Mo. Commonly used in the beginning of the Massage Therapy, or more severe pain and strong way to Massage Therapy, so that muscle relaxation. Mo Fa direction of rotation is generally clockwise movement, Mo Fa according to different parts of the finger, palm Mo, palm root three.

Mo Fa's main role is sparse blood circulation, swelling and pain, consumption of dampness, spleen and stomach, tonulation organs, enhance skin elasticity.

4. Wiping: with your fingers or palm flat according to the Massage Therapy parts, with a balanced pressure to the side of a way. Its force can be shallow in the skin, deep in the muscle. Its strength is not, the role of soft. Generally used both hands at the same time operation, but also one-handed operation. According to different parts of the wiping, palm wiping, rational reinforcement three methods. Wiping is different from the push method, its focus is generally more emphasis on the push method, pushing the law is a one-way movement, wiping the law according to different treatment positions any move. The frequency of wiping is also slower than the push method.

The main role of wiping is resuscitation, sedation, sober leader, dilation of blood vessels and increased skin elasticity.

5. Rubbing: is a finger or palm in the skin back and forth friction of a way. Its role is shallow, only acting on the skin and subcutaneous. Its frequency is high, up to 100-200 times / min. On the skin caused by a larger reflection, often rub the skin red, but do not scratch the skin, so when the operation with more media lubrication, to prevent skin damage. This method can be one-handed operation, according to different parts of the finger rub and palm rub. Figure 21.

Wipe the main role is to Qi and blood, blood circulation, speed up blood circulation, swelling and pain, Qufeng dehumidification, wet and so on. According to the law, pinch method, dial law, vibration method, bomb method, beat hammer method, step on the law, rolling method.