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Massage Therapy Good Health Is Important
- Jun 02, 2017 -

First, the indications for massage therapy

    Massage therapy is very extensive indications, involving the internal and external injuries of women and women, facial features and other diseases, in addition to healthy people's health, but also for sub-health crowd a variety of symptoms, widely used in health beauty and body weight loss to quit smoking and so on

1. Department of traumatic diseases: a variety of torsion injury joint dislocation of cervical spondylosis acute lumbar sprain chronic lumbar muscle strain Xiongxuezha gas disc herniation ankle sprain sciatica, rheumatoid arthritis frozen shoulder, biceps long head tenosynovitis, Acromioclavicular inflammation, humeral epicondylitis, humeral epicondylitis, radial styloid process of constrictor tenosynovitis, finger tenosynovitis (metacarpophalangeal joint tenosynovitis) and fracture sequelae.

2. medical diseases: cold headache, epigastric pain, constipation, diarrhea, hypertension, stroke sequelae impotence, vertigo, insomnia, coronary heart disease and diabetes

3. Gynecological diseases: menstrual dysmenorrhea by amenorrhea disease, chronic pelvic inflammatory disease after birth, breast lobular hyperplasia and women's menopausal syndrome

4. Pediatric diseases: cerebral palsy children with paralysis sequelae children muscle urchin fever fever cough pertussis diarrhea vomiting and indigestion

5. ENT diseases: myopic optic nerve atrophy chronic rhinitis chronic pharyngitis sore throat tinnitus and deafness

6. Surgical diseases: milk abscess initial pressure ulcers and postoperative intestinal adhesions

Second, the contraception of massage therapy

The following is generally not suitable for the use of massage therapy.

(A) all kinds of acute and chronic infectious diseases.

(B) of various malignant tumors of the local, ulcer local, burns and burns local, skin disease.

(C) various infectious suppurative diseases and tuberculous arthritis.

(D) the diagnosis of acute spinal injury is not clear or associated with spinal cord symptoms, the method may exacerbate spinal cord injury.

(E) stomach, duodenum and other acute perforation, a variety of bleeding disorders.

(6) severe cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

(7) drunk, serious (can not cooperate, can not be quiet) mentally ill.

(Eight) menstruation, pregnancy women's abdomen and lumbosacral disabled massage.

(Nine) old and frail, can not afford to increase the way to stimulate people.

(10) extreme fatigue and fasting hunger, it is not appropriate to massage.

Third, the notes of massage

(A) massage physicians should be formal training, not only to have skilled massage techniques, but also to master the basic theory of Chinese medicine, meridian acupoints, Western medicine anatomy, physiology, pathology and so on. Treatment before the trial should be due to syndrome differentiation, a comprehensive understanding of the patient's condition, excluding massage contraindications.

(B) massage process, to observe and ask the patient's response at any time, timely adjustment of the relationship between the way and force, so uniform and soft, lasting and powerful. For the elderly, children should have the appropriate amount of stimulation, so that patients do not know the pain. Acute soft tissue injury, local pain, swollen even worse, blood stasis, should choose the distal acupuncture points to operate,Massage therapy until the condition relief, and then local operation.

(C) massage the hands of doctors to keep clean, nails to be pruned every day. Winter hands to keep warm, if necessary, should adhere to the use of media (such as talc, etc.), to prevent damage to the patient's skin. Massage should be absorbed. For after a large number of drinking, after the rage,Massage therapy after the large amount of exercise in patients, generally not immediately treated.

(D) massage physician in the operation must choose the appropriate position. In the chest, abdomen, back, limbs, limbs can be natural standing position, legs were Ding step or bow; in the treatment of head and face, neck, shoulder and upper limbs, chest and abdomen, lower limbs and pediatric diseases When you can take a sitting position.