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Massage Therapy Make The Body More Comfortable
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Massage Therapy is an indication of a wide range of folk physical therapy. There are orthopedic Massage Therapy, injury Massage Therapy, pediatric Massage Therapy, meridian Massage Therapy, viscera Massage Therapy, first aid Massage Therapy, health Massage Therapy, acupoint Massage Therapy.

The mechanism of Massage Therapy therapy is:

First, is to expand the local blood vessels, increase blood and lymph circulation, in order to improve the nutritional status of local tissue, promote metabolism and retention of body fluids or pathological exudate absorption;

Second, is to induce deep tissue blood flow to the body surface, or make part of the blood stagnation in the local, or deep tissue congestion, in order to reduce the body or other parts of the congestion phenomenon, promote the dissipation of pathogenic products;

Third, is to adjust the muscle function, enhance muscle elasticity, tension and durability, ease the pathological tension and promote the discharge of toxic metabolites;

Four, is the impact of neurological function, to excitement or sedation, boost the spirit, or relieve fatigue, so as to achieve the purpose of treatment.

(A) Massage Therapy the abdomen

1, the friction abdomen: supine in bed, with his right hand or his hands stacked by the abdomen, according to the clockwise ring and rhythmic touch, moderate strength, smooth movements. About 3 to 5 minutes.

2, according to rubbing Tianshu: supine in bed, with the middle finger pulp on the same side of the Tianshen points, the middle finger appropriate force, clockwise Anrou 1 minute.

3, palm rub in the abdominal cavity: supine in bed, left palm close to the Zhongwan points, the right hand palm overlap in the left hand back, the appropriate hard to rub for 1 minute.

4, push the ribs: supine in bed, two hands on the side of the body, and then use the palm root from the top down on both sides of the ribs, repeated for 1 minute.

5, according to rubbing Guanyuan: supine on the bed, with one hand refers to the pulp on the Guan Yuan, the appropriate force Anrou 1 minute.

6, take the abdominal muscles: supine in bed, both hands while pulling the abdominal muscles 1 minute.

(B) Massage Therapy lumbosacral

1, push the waist and lumbar: sitting on the bed, hands and fingers close together to palm root affixed to the ipsilateral lumbosacral appropriate force from top to bottom to push several times until the lumbosacral fever for the degree.

2, Anrou Shenshu points: sitting on the bed, his hands on his hips, two thumbs on both sides of the Shenshu points, the appropriate force Anrou 1 minute.

(C) Massage Therapy the limbs

1, according to rubbing Valley points: to the side of the thumb pulp by holding the valley, gently Roudong to soreness is appropriate, each side of 1 minute, a total of 2 minutes. Hegu hole is one of the four health care points of the body, but also heat and pain relief of the acupuncture points, can effectively relieve constipation caused by dizziness, eating sluggish, emotional irritability chloasma, acne and abdominal pain embolism.

2, according to rubbing branch ditch: to the side of the thumb pulp to hold the branch ditch, gently Roudong to soreness is appropriate, each side 1 minute, a total of 2 minutes. Branch ditch is the treatment of constipation special effects points.

3, according to rubbed Zusanli: sitting on the bed, the two knees naturally straight, with the thumb pulp in the same side of the Zusan point, the appropriate force rubbing 1 minute, feeling soreness for the degree.

4, Anrou Sanyinjiao points: sitting on the bed, the two knees naturally straight, with the thumb pulp by the same side of the Sanyinjiao points, the appropriate force Anrou 1 minute, feeling to soreness for the degree.

The above self-Massage Therapy method can regulate gastrointestinal function, exercise abdominal muscle tension, enhance physical fitness, especially for people with chronic constipation. But must adhere to the Massage Therapy sooner or later, the way should be light and flexible to the main abdominal Massage Therapy.