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Massage Therapy Promote The Regeneration Of Capillaries, The Elimination Of Fat In The Water
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Weight loss should be integrated measures, first of all should change the irrational diet, eating habits; followed by physical exercise, exercise can be small to large, step by step. In addition, can also be used for massage therapy, massage can promote the body's energy consumption, help to lose weight.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that obesity is a diet section,Massage Therapy sedentary little move, caused by emotions. In fact, the main cause of obesity is righteousness deficiency. General light can be asymptomatic, moderate to severe patients are less dynamic sleepiness, fatigue and weakness, ventilation difficulties, moving is shortness of breath, the skin may have purple pattern, sweat, afraid of heat and so on.

Massage weight loss is based on traditional Chinese medicine in the meridian theory of weight loss of a method, the effect is significant and no side effects. Massage weight loss is mainly applied to the local, such as the abdomen, buttocks, limbs, shoulder and so on, using friction, pinch,Massage Therapy take and other practices. Such as massage limbs to push, take, shoot and other practices; in the shoulder, back to press, rub, push, take and other means. Massage can promote metabolism, so that some of the excess fat into heat and consumed, thereby reducing the local fat accumulation.

Used in the abdomen and limbs to lose weight is more popular. Massage has long been known for people, it has to clear the meridians, Xuan Xuan blood,Massage Therapy adjust the role of various organs of the human body, and there are characteristics in the family can be carried out. For some do not want to appear in the outpatient obesity, the use of this method to coordinate the body system functions, weight loss lipid-lowering, after all, a good policy.

Massage to reduce the accumulation of subcutaneous fat to speed up the metabolism and absorption of fat on the digestive system, endocrine system, neurohumoral metabolism, glucose metabolism and so have a two-way high-speed role. As long as the symptomatic surgery, the source of the source,Massage Therapy massage on obesity and weight loss will have the corresponding effect.

Adipose tissue gap of the blood vessels rarely, and with frequent massage, can promote the regeneration of capillaries, eliminate fat in the water, accelerate the fat tissue "liquefaction" and use. Its way to push, take the main. Abdominal massage mainly with friction, press, pinch, take, together, points, tapping, thorns and other manipulation.