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Massage Therapy The Benefits Of The Body A Lot
- Jul 06, 2017 -

Adhere to the following self-Massage Therapy method, can often play a lax effect.

(A) Massage Therapy the abdomen

1, the gall bladder: supine in bed, with his right hand or his hands stacked by the abdomen, according to the clockwise ring and rhythm of the touch, moderate strength, smooth movements. About 3 to 5 minutes.

2, according to rubbing Tianshu points: supine in bed, with the middle finger pulp on the same side of the Tianshen points, the middle finger appropriate force, clockwise Anrou 1 minute.

3, palm rub in the abdominal cavity: supine in bed, left palm close to the Zhongwan points, the right hand palm overlap in the left hand back, the appropriate hard rub as 1 minute.

4, push the ribs: supine in bed, two hands on the side of the body, and then use the palm root from the top down to push the two sides of the ribs, repeated for 1 minute.

5, according to rubbing Guan Yuan: supine on the bed, with a finger in the finger on the Guanyuan points, the appropriate force Anrou 1 minute.

6, take the abdominal muscles: supine on the bed, his hands at the same time to pull the abdominal muscles 1 minute.

(B) Massage Therapy lumbosacral

1, push the waist and lumbar: sitting on the bed, hands and fingers together, palm root affixed to the ipsilateral lumbosacral appropriate force from top to bottom to push several times until the lumbosacral fever for the degree.

2, Anrou Shenshu points: sitting on the bed, his hands on his hips, two thumbs on both sides of the Shenshu points, the appropriate force Anrou 1 minute.

(C) Massage Therapy the limbs

1, according to the kneading trough: to the side of the thumb pulp by holding the valley, gently Roudong to soreness is appropriate, each side of 1 minute, a total of 2 minutes. Hegu hole is one of the four major health care points, but also heat and pain relief of the acupuncture points, can effectively alleviate the constipation caused by dizziness, eating sluggish, irritable chloasma, acne and abdominal pain embolism.

2, according to rubbing branch ditch: to the side of the thumb pulp to hold the branch ditch, gently Roudong to soreness is appropriate, each side of 1 minute, a total of 2 minutes. Branch ditch is the special point of treatment of constipation.

3, according to rubbed Zusanli: sitting on the bed, the two knees naturally straight, with the thumb pulp in the same side of the Zusan point, the appropriate force rubbing 1 minute, feeling sour for the degree.

4, Anrou Sanyinjiao points: sitting on the bed, the two knees naturally straight, with the thumb pulp by the same side of the Sanyinjiao points, the appropriate force Anrou 1 minute, feeling to soreness for the degree.

The above self-Massage Therapy method can regulate gastrointestinal function, exercise abdominal muscle tension, enhance physical fitness, especially for people with chronic constipation. But must adhere to the Massage Therapy sooner or later, the way should be light and flexible to the main abdominal Massage Therapy.

Hypertension, or hypertension, refers to the blood pressure as the main clinical manifestations of a disease, accounting for about 95% of hypertensive patients. Patients more than 40 to 50 years old onset, early patients can be asymptomatic, may be found in physical examination. A few have headaches, dizziness, palpitations and limb numbness and other symptoms. Advanced hypertension can be caused by the above symptoms on the basis of heart, brain, kidney and other organs of the disease and the corresponding symptoms, resulting in arteriosclerosis, cerebrovascular accident, kidney disease, and easily associated with coronary heart disease; clinically only secondary Hypertension, can be diagnosed with hypertension.

Secondary hypertension refers to the sudden increase in blood pressure in some diseases, only one of the symptoms of these diseases, it is also known as symptomatic hypertension, accounting for about 1% to 5% of all hypertensive patients: for young people Blood or hypertensive patients with hypertension or hypertension, accompanied by significant symptoms of the urinary system, or in late pregnancy, postpartum, menopausal hypertension or hypertension associated with systemic disease, should consider secondary hypertension. If the primary condition that causes symptoms of hypertension can be cured, high blood pressure can disappear.

Hypertensive patients in addition to taking antihypertensive drugs, such as with acupuncture Massage Therapy will play a very good effect.

Effective points Baihui, Tianzhu, people welcome, Tianding, bridge bow, etc., and antihypertensive point, god door, heart, adrenal gland, cortex under the ear.

Massage Therapy method ① press Baihui 50 times, moderate intensity to the pain is appropriate. ② rubbing the neck of the Tianzhu, people welcome, Tianding the 50 to 100 times, the intensity is appropriate to soreness. ③ with the thumb down the bow straight down the bridge bow, the first left after the right, the 10 to 20 times. ④ with both hands and thumb finger end rib face strength, relative pinched kneading or pinching the two ears in the map; or press the ear 3 minutes, the frequency of 75 times per minute, the intensity of the main soft.

There are many patients with shoulder pain, mostly caused by local bone or soft tissue disease. So, how to treat shoulder pain? Here to look at the shoulder back Massage Therapy Massage Therapy treatment summary.

What should I do? Shoulder pain is a long-term white-collar workers often appear after the symptoms, due to shoulder pain, shoulder pain and treatment of patients with more and more. Why should there be shoulder pain? What should I do with shoulder pain? What are the health care methods?

Shoulder pain is due to excessive work, because a long time to keep a movement is the same will cause the shoulder of the back of the muscle stiffness of the situation, because the accumulation of long lactic acid caused by pain, mainly should ease the waist, back Of the pressure, so the need for more activities can not long-term work. Usually can carry out some outdoor sports, such as swimming, long-distance running, mountaineering and other sports, can effectively relieve physical stress. At the same time more serious, you can go to the beauty salon for cupping, acupuncture, Massage Therapy, etc. to relieve nerve pain.

The Massage Therapy is very flexible, the main way is to take the shoulder well, about the thumb on the shoulder well position, the remaining four fingers on the opposite side, before and after the application of force, up to do the action, each pinched once Make a break, once again. Can also be from the neck to the shoulder, from the inside and outside do pinched action, you can also take a beat, rub a rub, the action to gently ease, avoid violent, repeated 10 times to smooth the local blood, ease the shoulder Muscle spasm.