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Muscle Therapy Maintain The Normal Range Of Joint Activities
- Oct 12, 2017 -

Muscle Therapy spasm in the spinal cord of the pyramidal tract, the extent of its spasm and brain damage range and extent of the difference, due to the existence of skeletal Muscle Therapy Muscle Therapy Therapy spasm can not play a role in the body, Muscle Therapy function is disused, but the Muscle Therapy itself is There is contraction function. Manifested as an advanced motor nerve dominated by increased Muscle Therapy tension, mental stress, activity or in the examination, Muscle Therapy spasms increased significantly, and quiet or at sleep, Muscle Therapy spasms can disappear. The brain damage of this disease does not progress, but because of the long-term existence of the spasm of the Muscle Therapy group between the imbalance, in this unbalanced force stimulation, bone deformity growth, and ultimately lead to joint deformity and joint soft tissue contracture.

Muscle Therapy , skeletal system activity is affected by the state of connective tissue (tendon, ligament, fascia, joint capsule) that is closely related to the state. The fibrous component of connective tissue is composed of collagen fibers, reticular fibers and elastic fibers. When the tissue is damaged or there is fibrin deposition between the fibers of the connective tissue, these ingredients are often born and destroyed intertwined to maintain a physiological state. Tissues with tendons and ligaments in the body Collagen fibers are arranged in the direction of the long axis of the dense connective tissue and in a certain range of active loose connective tissue. The ligaments and joint sacs that have contracted are mainly composed of collagen fibers in a multi-layer accumulation of collagen fibers. The gap between the fibers and the fibers is reduced, the activity is poor, the elasticity of the fibers itself is reduced, and it becomes a very tough and dense connective tissue without activity The Tissue spasm continued for too long, there are soft tissue cell infiltration, fibrin exudation, connective tissue hyperplasia, and gradually form a dense connective tissue into contracture.

Early functional exercise, to maintain the scope of the normal range of activities is to prevent the contracture, to maintain the normal range of joints and its treatment has occurred in the joint contracture. Healthy people in their daily lives, the unconscious activities of the joints, to maintain a normal range of joint activities, without contracture. The patient with cerebral palsy because of the existence of spasm, can not be flexible and autonomous activities, the self can not overcome the bad posture and limb position, joint movement range is limited, without functional training, or even training may also appear contracture. Maintain the scope of normal joint activity is the direct prevention of contracture.

At present, the main prevention methods can be treated with physical therapy combined with manipulation, through physical therapy with a gentle massage, can reduce Muscle Therapy tone, promote local blood circulation, keep the tendon, ligaments, fascia, joint capsule appropriate tension. And for the contract has been contracted or joint deformation should consider the surgical treatment.

Physical therapy can be treated by spastic Muscle Therapy reatment instrument, spastic Muscle Therapy Therapy treatment instrument to stimulate patients with spastic Muscle Therapy and antagonistic Muscle Therapy, so that the two alternately contraction, by mutual inhibition of spasm Muscle Therapy relaxation, improve Muscle Therapy strength and limb function, Intravenous and lymphatic reflux, improve Muscle Therapy metabolism and nutrition, reduce Muscle Therapy fiber degeneration, prevent Muscle Therapy thickening of connective tissue, shorter and hardening, in the ease of Muscle Therapy spasm effect is significant.