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Muscle Therapy Means To Massage The Local Massage
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Muscle strain is the muscle in the movement of a sharp contraction or excessive traction caused by injury. This is easy in the long, pull-up and sit-ups. Muscle strain,Muscle Therapy the pain of the injured parts, the hand can be touched by the formation of muscle tension cord-like lumps, palpable obvious, local swelling or subcutaneous bleeding, activities were significantly limited.

After the muscle strain, to immediately cold treatment - with cold water washed or wrapped with a towel ice cold cold, and then use the bandage appropriate force to wrap the site to prevent swelling. Relax the injured parts of the muscles and raise the injured limb at the same time, can take some pain, hemostatic drugs. 24 hours to 48 hours after the removal of dressing. According to the injury,Muscle Therapy can be affixed to the blood and swelling swelling plaster, may be appropriate heat or a lighter way to damage the local massage.

Muscle strain serious, such as the muscle belly or tendon pull off, should seize the time to the hospital for surgical stitching.

Muscle strain?

Muscle active strong contraction or passive excessive elongation caused by muscle fine injury, muscle part of the tear or complete fracture, known as muscle strain. This is one of the most common sports injuries. The

(A) causes and principles?

In sports, due to improper preparation activities, a part of the muscle's physiological function has not yet reached the state required to adapt to the movement; training level is not enough, muscle elasticity and strength is poor; fatigue or excessive load, the muscle function decline, The coordination of reduced;Muscle Therapy wrong technical action or exercise attention is not concentrated, too little or rough action; too low temperature too much humidity, poor quality of the site or equipment can cause muscle strain. The

In the completion of a variety of movements, the muscles take the initiative to shrink more than the burden of the muscle itself; or suddenly passive over-elongated, more than its stretch, can occur injury. Such as weightlifting exercise bent over the barbell, the erector spinae due to a strong contraction and strain; in doing before the pressure leg, longitudinal split and other exercises, suddenly forced too much,Muscle Therapy can make the thigh muscles after the passive passive elongation and damage ; Cross-split practice can make the inside of the thigh meat over the passive elongation and strain. In sports, the muscles of the thigh muscles are the most common, thigh adductor muscle, back muscles, rectus abdominis, calf triceps, upper arm muscles are prone to muscle strain. The

(B) signs?

Local pain, tenderness; swelling, muscle tension, hard, spasm; dysfunction. When the injured muscle active contraction or passive elongation pain increased; muscle contraction resistance test positive,Muscle Therapy that is, increased pain or broken depression appears. Some wounded when there are tear-like sense of swelling, swelling and subcutaneous congestion is serious, touch the local depression or see one end of the abnormal uplift, may be muscle fracture. The

(C) to deal with?

Muscle fiber mild strain and muscle spasm, with acupuncture therapy will achieve significant effect. Muscle fiber part of the break, early with cold compress, pressure bandage, but also the limb on the injured muscle to relax the position to relieve pain. 48 hours after the start of massage, the way to be gentle. Suspected muscle,Muscle Therapy tendon completely broken, should be in the local pressure bandage, fixed limb, immediately sent to the hospital for diagnosis, if necessary, but also to undergo surgery. (D) post-injury training?

Part of the break, local training 2 to 3 days, health and other parts can continue to activities, after the gradual functional exercise, but should avoid repeated injuries. 1 week after the gradual increase in muscle strength and flexibility exercises. In the practice of stretching to do not increase the pain of the wound for the degree. About 10 to 15 days later, the basic elimination of symptoms,Muscle Therapy can be gradually formal training. Training must be used to protect the support zone, and fully prepared activities. The

Muscle, tendon completely broken or avulsion fractures, should immediately stop training, complete rest, active treatment, post-injury training and special training should be under the guidance of a doctor.