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Muscle Therapy Prolonged Healing Can Recover
- Jun 02, 2017 -

Muscle energy technology (MET technology) is for soft tissue, musculoskeletal disorders, soft tissue osteoporosis as the carrier,Muscle Therapy the operator precise control of the direction and force size, through the patient's active participation, the use of muscle isometric or isotonic contraction resistance The way to improve the function of the musculoskeletal system and reduce the pain of a class of operating techniques. MET in clinical treatment in many cases can achieve immediate effect.

Muscle fibrosis refers to muscle tissue mainly fibrosis induced by muscle fibrosis.

Muscle tissue belongs to the stable cells in the body, after injury will not split the new cells, the wound is repair by the fibroblasts,Muscle Therapy repair the organization known as the scar tissue, that is, fibrous tissue. Muscle fibrosis means that the muscles have been injured, including contusion, strain, or cut, these injuries after repair, the muscle inside there will be fibrous tissue, known as muscle fibrosis.

Fibrosis occurs in many degenerative diseases and normal aging, it inhibits stem cell function and inhibits muscle regeneration by altering the microenvironment of the stem cells. In addition, as more scar formation, the muscles will harden and can not contract properly.

Mechanism of Ancient Atmospheric Treatment of Muscle Injury

The ancient atmosphere can improve the blood and muscle tissue oxygen content, improve the injured muscle tissue hypoxia; vasoconstriction, reduced capillary permeability, vascular exudation decreased, intracellular edema to reduce swelling, relieve pain; accelerate blood circulation ,Muscle Therapy To promote the inflammatory exudate and pain caused by the absorption of substances,Muscle Therapy so as to eliminate inflammation, reduce pain, accelerate the healing of injured muscle tissue.

(1) local vasoconstriction and tissue oxygen partial pressure to help reduce tissue edema, reduce bone pressure, restore venous return, improve microcirculation.

(2) can improve the fracture area, especially callus, medullary cavity oxygen partial pressure, is conducive to enhancing osteoclast and osteoblast activity, fibroblast proliferation, speed up callus formation.

(3) can enhance the vitality of phagocytic cells, is conducive to necrosis of bone tissue absorption and removal.

(4) hyperbaric oxygen can enhance the local tissue anti-infective ability, especially anaerobic infections.