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Muscle Therapy Recovery Speed, So That The Body Strong
- Jul 06, 2017 -

As early as BC, some people on the muscles, joints sprained parts of the implementation of traction, massage or loose surgery. Although the era of treatment theory is not very clear, but also recorded in the history of the two representatives: Hippocrates and Galen. Until the mid-nineteenth century,Muscle Therapy only scholars have clearly pointed out that joints, bones will have lesions, mainly from the poor blood circulation theory. At the end of the nineteenth century, the school began to teach chiropractic surgery; and made of people tendons will be soreness, is due to nerve compression theory.

Descendants to see history, should praise the history of orthopedic physical therapy, as early as the nineteenth century there is a relevant theory published. In the early twentieth century, physical therapy schools have sprung up, and the students of these schools have really laid the level and scale of today's physical therapy. Early with more theoretical basis, and more systematic development of musculoskeletal physical therapy,Muscle Therapy should include electrotherapy and hand treatment of two major areas. Especially in the hands of treatment, in the Nordic and New Zealand, Australia and the rapid rooting development, and actively to the rest of the world.

In the mid-twentieth century, like Maitland, Mennell, Cyriax are representative of the unique hand treatment. American Physical Therapy Society until 1974 to set up orthopedic specialist departments, especially in biomechanics, motor, body anatomy, study of orthopedic patients with clinical physical therapy diagnosis and treatment. For nearly two decades, the most important treatment of orthopedic physical therapy is "exercise therapy". Any orthopedic patient, almost everyone needs to take the sport to achieve the effect of treatment, and early commonly used instrument therapy has been zero. Such as degenerative arthritis, lower back pain, scoliosis, sports injuries, etc. need to be "exercise therapy" to be treated. Therefore, exercise therapy has become the most important connotation of orthopedic physical therapy in this century.

The word movement is the ancient Greek era of Hippocheus,Muscle Therapy he observed that patients can not move, in the lower limb muscles will shrink the phenomenon, so he thought the effect of exercise can strengthen the weak muscles; It is already known that brisk walking can improve obesity.

The concept of physical training With the Olympic competition came to Rome, Rome was the most famous doctor Gülen in the book, according to the intensity of exercise, duration, frequency, the use of equipment and sports parts, etc., will be classified as sports. One after another scholars believe that the efficacy of exercise with treatment.

In the sixteenth century, the blessing of Buddhism in its work will be divided into two kinds: one for the pure movement, a combination of movement and work for the concept; so this time has begun to sports and life activities combined. In the eighteenth century, the development of the concept of movement-related, such as exercise to improve joint mobility, muscle strength and sensitivity.

In the nineteenth century, the period of rapid development of sports training, the initial time in Europe when the Napoleonic era, the first heavy athletes and military physical training, and after the war these training concepts applied to the people of the general therapeutic exercise, especially when applied to the spine Examples of side scaffolds include progressive muscle strength, massage or posture correction. By 1853,Muscle Therapy the concept of exercise for degenerative arthritis began to appear, the French people Bonnet proposed to rest for arthritis patients is temporary, after the acute phase should be given functional.

Overeating is harmful to the body, which we all understand the truth. Do exercise training is the same, according to each person different size, exercise habits, age to do the right amount of exercise in order to help health. Muscle training, only to increase the resistance to increase the way to train,Muscle Therapy in order to achieve safe, high efficiency to strengthen the effect of muscle strength, or easily lead to sports injuries.

Progressive resistance movement was the end of the Second World War. In 1943, when Diluo Man found that knee surgery, the quadriceps appeared weak phenomenon, thus providing progressive resistance to training muscle strength of the movement, to train the thigh muscles Force, for the recovery of the function of patients after surgery is good, so at the time but not stressed the concept of walking training, but more fancy muscle strength to strengthen.

The standard mode of the progressive resistance of the amount of exercise is determined according to the following formula: first measured 1RM weight (refers to the muscle can only load the maximum weight of an action). The total dose used for each training session can be listed as follows: Standard dose × 10 times / times × 3 (times / times) × 3 (times / week) ). After a week to increase the number of training a little more. The entire muscle strength training process is about 6-8 weeks to predict the effective increase in muscle strength, but the complete training process takes about 3 months.

As for the training of muscle force application of the kind of tool or equipment as resistance, the effect will be better? In fact, Jufan dumbbell, elastic band, law code,Muscle Therapy isokinetic force meter can be used to train muscle strength, and not because of the equipment and the effect of good or bad, muscle training is the most important perseverance The So at home training strength, Paul bottle of water is the best resistance tool.