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Orthotic Insoles Eliminate Pain, Prevent Deformity
- Aug 15, 2017 -

What is Orthotic Insoles?

Orthotic Insoles (correction shoes) is to correct the deformation of the foot, scattered foot pressure and reduce pain symptoms for the purpose of making the treatment of foot disease special shoes, also known as the shoe shape orthosis.

Orthodontic shoes and Ya known as the body training shoes, its main feature is its anti-traditional high before the low soles. Wear this kind of shoes can change the force of the foot, a comprehensive adjustment of the body's mechanical state, with a forced human body center of gravity shift, reduce the body support surface function, used to correct the body's bad posture, optimize and beautify the body. On the lumbar muscle strain, low back pain and cervical spondylosis have a positive sense of rehabilitation, and therefore known as the body fitness shoes.

What is the effect of Orthotic Insoles?

Orthotic Insoles (correction shoes) is to improve the role of the patient standing, walking foot state of the force or no charge, to eliminate pain, to prevent deformity, correct foot functional deformation, to provide support for patients with permanent deformity to achieve balance The

Applicable to a variety of diseases caused by varus, valgus foot, clubfoot, foot sagging, flat foot, arch foot, hammer-shaped foot and heel spur, subtalar joint stiffness, ankle arthritis, toe valgus, foot fracture , Foot defects, plantar pain, plantar fasciitis and so on.

Orthotic Insoles basic functions

1 to relieve pain

Such as the use of sponge insole, digging in the heel of the heel, can reduce calcaneal periostitis patients walking foot heel pain

2 to prevent and correct deformities

Correct deformity, improve foot load line

3 compensatory loss of joint motor function

Such as the heel plus a wedge made of rubber sponge, can reduce the ankle stiffness in the heel bottom of the impact of the impact

4 Eliminate joint activities

Such as the use of elastic steel plate made of lengthened sole plate can eliminate the toe joint activities, so that patients reduce pain, to prevent the development of deformities

In general, children with x-type legs or o-type legs, the doctor will recommend wearing Orthotic Insoles. As the age of 3 o-shaped legs or x-shaped legs is difficult to correct, the doctor will be based on the circumstances of the children made custom shoes recommended.