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Orthotic Insoles In The Correction Of The Body's Bad Posture
- Jun 26, 2017 -

What is Orthotic Insoles?

Orthotic Insoles (correction shoes) is to correct the deformation of the foot, scattered foot pressure and reduce pain symptoms for the purpose of the treatment of foot disease special footwear, also known as the shoe shape orthosis.

Orthodontic shoes and Ya known as the body training shoes, its main feature is its anti-traditional high before the low soles. Wear this shoe can change the force of the foot, a comprehensive adjustment of the body's mechanical state, with a forced human body center of gravity shift, reduce the body support surface function, used to correct the body's bad posture, optimization and beautification of body. On the lumbar muscle strain, low back pain and cervical spondylosis have a positive sense of rehabilitation, and therefore known as the body fitness shoes.

What is the effect of Orthotic Insoles?

Orthotic Insoles (correction shoes) the role is to improve the patient standing, walking foot force state or free load, to eliminate pain, to prevent deformity, correct foot functional deformation, to provide support for patients with permanent deformity to achieve balance The

Applicable to a variety of diseases caused by varus, valgus foot, clubfoot, foot sagging, flat feet, arch feet, hammer-shaped foot and heel spur, subtalar joint stiffness, ankle arthritis, toe valgus, foot fracture , Foot defects, plantar pain, plantar fasciitis and so on.

Extreme valgus, also known as external valgus stretched, refers to the child heel axial deflection. Is one of the common deformities of the foot. Is due to abnormal development of the foot tendon caused by a deformity, accompanied by flat feet and scaphoid collapse, calf midpoint, Achilles tendon center, calcaneus center three-point connection was type. In addition, foot valgus will lead to ankle valgus deformation. Can take physical therapy, with a special foot Orthotic Insoles, so that the heel to maintain the vertical position, reduce the flat foot caused by sequelae.

Foot droop is one of the signs of bone surgery. Patient sitting, two lower limbs naturally drape, such as see foot in the plantar flexion and can not take the initiative dorsiflexion and internal, valgus, was drooping. Treatment of foot drooping common methods are foot warm therapy, rehabilitation exercise, acupuncture and massage, wearing braces, anterior tibialis and toe long extensor tendon suspension, posterior tibial tendon treatment of foot sagging, gastrocnemius medial and lateral head forward , Reconstruction of extensor digitorum surgery, surgical resection, electrical stimulation and so on.

Most of the young children have a heel not to the sharp gait, which is due to the gait is not yet stable, the children need to track their own body center and cause. The sickness of the scaffolding gait may be caused by the heel tendon too tight, this situation needs to match the heel with the Orthotic Insoles, health shoes, foot care or physical therapy.