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Product Advantages Of Bunion Corrector
- Mar 30, 2017 -

1, the use of multiple perspectives and many parts up to 4~7 Super strength control, can more accurately control correction of intensity and direction, the forefoot correction more practical.

2, using u-toe hold inside of designer LaTeX cushioning, absorbing the pressure in the local, address the prior orthoses long correction, blood circulation defects such as pain

3 correction, flexible toes, deformed toes free in a static and dynamic traction.

4, hallux valgus lead to metatarsal joint, and foot wider, the phalanges of the foot shape of shape for toe bone within the joint and combined with toe hold on positioning and adjustment of the big toe.

5, the phalanges of the foot shape with plants and chitin fiber materials, has bactericidal permeability effects and can be worn for a long time.

6, due to hallux valgus correction need to be worn for a long time, in the correct position using LaTeX-cushioned buffer, crowd of hallux valgus and toe deformation correction for a long time without fatigue.

7, hard-toed up with LaTeX cushioning, and multi-directional balance regulation, avoiding blood circulation, hallux valgus correction made in the relaxed and comfortable.