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Sport Insoles With A Wide Variety Of Appearance, Feel Good
- Jun 15, 2017 -

Sport Insoles MD soles, EVA soles, rubber soles, PVC soles, PU soles, RB soles, RS soles, TR soles, TPU soles and other materials, the following simple to give We tell you about each substrate performance and material.


1. First say what is MD: MODEL or PHYLON dragon collectively

2. What is PHYLON: (commonly known as dragon) is a sole material to do the general use of shoe in the end, with the heating of EVA foam made of mixed material. (EVA secondary high-pressure molded products) Light, elastic and seismic performance is good, the hardness is controlled by the foam temperature.

3. What is EVA: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate - Ethylene resin Acetate fiber. Lightly flexible chemically synthesized material

So: MD soles which must contain EVA, MD is also called PHYLON at the end of the end

Such as MD = EVA + RB or EVA + RB + TPR There are some shoes are RB + PU and so on


1. What is RB: RB is the abbreviation of English rubber (rubber); rubber contains natural rubber, synthetic rubber (see Appendix 1 for details). Rubber: for a variety of sports shoes outsole.

2. What is PU: Polyurethane Polymeric polyurethane synthetic material,Sport Insoles often based on foam rubber-based, high-density, durable materials used in the midsole midsole.

3. What is PVC: polyvinyl chloride, polyvinyl chloride, color is yellowish translucent, shiny. There will be whitening at the inflection.

4. What is TPU: Full name Thermoplastic Polyurethane (Thermoplastic Polyurethane), which is composed of diisocyanate and macromolecule polyol, chain extender common reaction of linear polymer materials.

5. What is TPR: Thermoplastic Rubber (Thermoplastic Rubber), is a combination of rubber and thermoplastic properties of the material, the performance of rubber and can be processed and recycled thermoplastic, you can use ordinary plastic molding machine to injection molding, Extrusion molding,Sport Insoles blow molding made of rubber products.

6. What is TR: TPE and rubber synthetic materials, with a wide appearance, feel good, color Yan, high finish, high technical content, and can be 100% recovery, are environmentally friendly soles material.

The identification and characteristics of the material soles:

About the identification of PU, PVC, TPR, RUBBER, etc.!

PU is the lightest and most weary, of course, the price is the most expensive.

PU material soles very good to recognize, take in his hand is very light, soles of the back hole are round.

PVC material of the soles in the hands of the heavier than the TPR.

TPR material soles elasticity than PVC is better,Sport Insoles the soles of the holding, naturally fall, if it can play up is TPR

PVC material soles are cheaper than TPR, but the quality is not good, especially in the winter, it is easy to break the end.

PVC material soles have a feature that is no injection hole, there are words with the nose, there is a taste of a long time, then long white things.

The sole of the TR is very bright, which is harder than the average TPR sole, and the injection hole of the TR is more than the TPR.

Weight: RUBBER (rubber) the most important, PU, EVA lightest,

Material: PU expensive, EVA, TPR moderate, PVC the cheapest,

Process: TPR is made out of a molding, and PVC to be processed, ABS is generally high heels material, expensive and hard,

Application: PVC used in the lining or non-weight parts,Sport Insoles or the manufacture of children's shoes; PU leather can be applied to the footwear fabric or bear the weight of the site. In the bag, the more suitable for the PVC leather. This is because the items in the bag are different from those that are worn in the shoes and do not dissipate heat; do not bear the weight of the individual.

PU, PVC difference is easier, from the corner of the PU at the end of cloth than PVC thick, feel there are differences, PU feel soft; PVC feel hard some; can also use the fire to burn,Sport Insoles PU Taste much lighter than the taste of PVC.