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Toe Protectors Have A Significant Impact On The Health Of The Body
- Oct 26, 2017 -

A person's gastrointestinal function is good, from the toes of the state can be judged. Good gastrointestinal function of the person, the second to third toe is often stout and elastic,Toe Protectors standing grip firmly; the gastrointestinal function is poor, the two toes are withered and inflexible, and often hold up when standing.

The method of moving toes is very simple, the most common and effective are the following:

Toe grip: Take the posture of standing or sitting, put the feet flat, close to the ground, with shoulder width, concentrate on the rest of the action to do the toe grip 60-90 times. You can do this by barefoot or in soft flat shoes, which can be repeated several times a day.

Toe pickup: When you wash your feet every day,Toe Protectors you can put some oval, moderately sized pebbles or other objects in the foot, and practice using two or three toes to repeatedly clip these pebbles at the same time. The warm water soaks the foot to dredge the meridian, the toe clamps the pebble to stimulate the local stomach meridian Acupoint, persists the practice to the stomach disease patient to benefit. In particular, to remind diabetics, the selected object surface must be smooth, so as not to scratch the local skin,Toe Protectors induce infection or even diabetes foot (a lower limb ischemic disease).

Toe: When watching TV or resting, you can repeatedly move your toes up or down, while massaging the inner court points between the two or three toe joints. For indigestion, there is halitosis, constipation of patients, it is advisable to follow the direction of the toe massage this point,Toe Protectors in order to achieve the purpose of diarrhea and stomach fire, the spleen and stomach weak, diarrhea, cold or eat raw cold food after the stomach pain aggravating patients, reversible toe massage this point.

To take these Shu meridians method should pay attention to, must persevere, can achieve certain effect.

Organs is the most important organ in the human body, can say organs less who will have a significant impact on the health of the body, so in life to protect organs has become a worthwhile thing, but organs is a very important part of the body, but also the hidden part of the body,Toe Protectors Our approach to protecting them is not very well understood, which can lead to five health effects. So is there any way to effectively protect five?

The way to effectively protect five is in life, this is the toe massage! Foot is the barometer of human health, but also the reflection of the human body, you can see the toe is the end of the human body, it does not attach importance to the toe, although the toe of the body is the end, but they are closely linked with the body's organs, And we want to be able to effectively protect the organs method,Toe Protectors it must be done through the toe, so we in life, the health of the toes need to pay attention to it!

The toe has a connection with five, a thing many people have never heard of. So what's the connection between the toe and the five? In fact, in the cognition of Chinese Medicine, the relationship between toe and five is very close, Chinese medicine thinks that people's various toes to the body of the organs,Toe Protectors so in life massage toe can help protect five, then the toe and organs the corresponding is how to divide it?

Chinese doctors think that five represents the five elements of the body, and the toes also represent the five elements of the body, so the relationship between five and toes is very close, and our health care five, we need to start from the toes, and through toe protection five The first step is to find the relationship between the toe and five!

The toe is the end of the human body, because away from the heart, resulting in poor blood circulation, over time will lead to a disease of the toe, resulting in the corresponding damage five,Toe Protectors so we want to protect five, toe massage is a necessary thing, but toe massage is also going to be a method, next let's take a look, How to massage toe can help us to protect good five health!

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