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Toe Separator A Corrective Effect
- Oct 26, 2017 -

The Hallux Valgus is named as the toe in the first metatarsal joint and the lateral oblique displacement is greater than 15 degrees, and the hallux valgus is divided into hereditary and acquired error stress. Because of the hallux valgus let a lot of women's feet deformation and pain,Toe Separator affect the appearance and gradually people pay attention, in this case, Hallux Valgus also came into being. International correction of hallux Valgus, daytime use of hallux valgus insole, at night will recommend the use of scientific design of hallux valgus orthotic. Let the thumb back to normal physiological position, is the hallux valgus orthotic and insoles common goal.

Hallux Valgus orthotics are used at night to sleep, mainly in the case of skeletal static to rectify the effect, in the initial use, to avoid the use of excessive force,Toe Separator first according to their own comfort, after the use of half a month and then slowly adjust the intensity of orthopedic, in the initial use will have a slight pain feeling, is the effect of reaction, If the sensation of correction pain is obvious, can be used to do 50 feet of the toe grip movement, will have some help.

A foot orthosis for correcting hallux valgus thumb-toe deformity, includes: a corrective part consisting of a fixed piece of the toe side and a first metatarsal side, forming a corrective bracket for the movement of the toe bone piece and the articulation of the joint of the metatarsal piece, and a perforated design of the two fixed pieces, respectively, for the toe strap and the metatarsal bandage. In the thumb fixed plate perforation, a toe correction fixed belt can be fixed with the combination of the thumb and toe, and the tail end of the toe fixed belt is provided with a sticky clasp. Then, the metatarsal is fixed with a perforation of the metatarsal fixed piece. To the metatarsal bone in the pressure of the metatarsal plastic belt,Toe Separator the metatarsal plastic belt at both ends of the sticky buckle, according to the user's own adjustment efforts. The other includes the transverse arch support pad, through the metatarsal plastic belt can be fixed at the foot of the transverse arch support transverse arch. This product in addition to the use of the night can be used in the shoes, that is, the patient in the daytime wearing shoes, can also be used in the metatarsal fixed piece inside a sticky sponge pad, according to walking toe bone and the scope of activities to protect the metatarsal when walking without friction. In addition,Toe Separator according to the characteristics of hallux valgus, this product uses a small toe orthopedic belt, according to the situation of Hallux Valgus for the remaining four toes, the utility model integrates the orthodontic function of the traditional hallux valgus and the support function of the transverse arch collapse to realize the daily-use combination with the latest correction theory and the biomechanical changes of Hallux valgus.