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Toe Separator To Ensure A Healthy Life
- May 18, 2017 -

Toe Separator Export boutique, yoga toe correction device, silicone material. The human body toes, is the starting point of the human body load, each toe link nerve traction body, through the toes to correct the beginning, is the daily yoga, yoga exercises, and the beginning of healthy life!

Can help you better open the toes, and massage the meridian.

Yoga toe separators, the toes into each toe hole, so that the toes separated, to avoid the toe between the bacteria contact, while the use of foot massage for the toe when the degree, so that the separation between the toes, acupuncture points to achieve natural massage, blood circulation.

Foot function is only to withstand the pressure and movement of the body, are the role of force, a lot of foot disease due to force caused by unscientific, generally non-surgical non-drug, rely on foot aids to correction.

Toe Separator Common darling hazards:

1, brain and neurological diseases, and other diseases

2, the original bone defects within the bone

3, trauma

4, usually weight, walking does not meet the requirements of human biomechanical distribution.

5, causing fungal infection

This section of the toe corrector, export silicone fabric, super corrective function, can be provided to the yoga toes to correct, daily toe variant physical therapy to correct,Toe Separator prevent foot disease, to ensure a healthy life.

1, due to long-term friction, the first metatarsal head medial soft tissue growth, hypertrophy, local produce aseptic inflammation of the formation of bursitis and severe pain, and affect the walking.

2, due to widening the front foot, cross bow collapse, walking more or less will appear foot valgus, so that lead to ankle weight surface changes, will cause traumatic inflammation of the ankle, pain, and even affect Knee, hip and waist.

3, the same, due to widening the front foot, cross bow collapse, foot cushioning and foot bounce ability decreased, the movement of these people have been seriously affected.

4, with the increase in the degree of toe valgus, the first metatarsal varus is also more and more serious, the first metatarsal head by the squeeze, increased friction, local bursa thickening, osteophyte hyperplasia to form large bones. The front foot was significantly wider, so that these people are difficult to choose a pair of beautiful shoes, the arrival of the summer, they can not wear sandals, because they feel that their feet are not beautiful or ugly.

5, due to the toe to the lateral deflection, the second toe back, the rest of the toes from the outside of the shoe squeeze, resulting in 2-4 feet like chicken feet like deformity, so that the back of the toes by the friction, Can form corns, most seen in the toes dorsal.

6, at the same time, due to deformity of the toes, the metatarsal head down the collapse, but also in the metatarsal head and foot formation at the bottom of the foot pad, this situation is most seen in the first 2 toe bone foot bottom. Corn, the mat will have severe pain, and recurrent, affecting the normal life and work.