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Gel Toe Straighteners for Bunion Treatment without Surgery

ZRWC02 Features: 1.Material:SEBS Gel 2.Two size 3.Color:skin color and Pink color,or customized. Function: 1.Relieving pressure and friction on toes and fingers 2.Relief toe pain after long time walking 3.Fix your foot in shoes when shoes size is not fit your foot Tips: 1.Use Fromufoot ZRWC02...

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Product Details

ZRWC02 Features: 

1.Material:SEBS Gel 

2.Two size

3.Color:skin color and Pink color,or customized.


1.Relieving pressure and friction on toes and fingers

2.Relief toe pain after long time walking

3.Fix your foot in shoes when shoes size is not fit your foot 


1.Use Fromufoot ZRWC02 when you are dancing.

2.Use Fromufoot ZRWC02 when your bunion is not very well.

3.Use Fromufoot ZRWC02 when your feet is under pressure friction.


1.As with any exercise regimen,use moderation and in common sense.

2.if you have any server foot need to ask doctor whether it suits for you .for personal can wear shoes with it.


ZRWC12 gel toe separator 


1.Extra soft silicone material protect toes from excess pressure.

2.No adhesive necessary, simply apply to toe and go.

3.Helps to prevent callous and corns from friction.

4.Washable and re-usable.

5.SEBS gel foot orthotics metatarsal type toe separator can be used over-and-over again.


1.Hand washing with mild soap, then rinse thoroughly with water.

2.Natural air drying, then using with talcum powder is more comfortable. (Do not expose it to the blazing sun, do not drying)

3.The life of silicone foot orthotics metatarsal gel type toe separator is affected by using, and activity level.

Delivery :

Sample: 3-5 working days

Bulk Order: 7-10 days



ZRWC13 gel toe separator with 2 toe loops

1.Spreader aligns the big and second toes to help to relieve pain and stress on the bunion joint.

2.Loop keeps the toe spreader comfortably in place.

3.Thermoplastic elastomer gel conforms to your foot for a plush,cushioned fit.



ZRWC16 Gel double toe separator 

Function :

1. Help to reduce pressure and friction on big toe area. 

2. For immediate and long-term pain relief in case of Calluses, Corns and bunion problems. 

3. Absorbs pressure and eases pain on sore bunion joint.

4. Fits easily over your foot providing superior cushioning that won't slip as you move.

Direction :

1.Apply to clean and dry foot

2.Position pad so that it is comfortably placed around the  toe area.

3.Remove the cushion at least 3 to 4 hours daily to allow the skin to breathe


ZRWC16B Gel double big toe separator 

gel bunion toe spreader with straightening loop aligns big toe and second toe to prevent irritating overlap and reduce pressure and friction. Soft gel bunion brace cushions and relieves bunion pain. Anatomically shaped for comfort with or without shoes, this bunion toe straightener is ideal for instant relief and long-term correction. Odorless, washable and reusable. Contains 1 pair, right and left. One size fits most.

The difference between ZRWC16 and ZRWC16B is that design of ZRWC16 have a hole in it, and the lattar is solid.You can contrast images of these.



ZRWC23 Gel Toe Separators Stretchers Bunion Spacers Straightener Corrector Alignment Which Reduces Toe and Foot Discomfort, Alleviates Tension, Stretches and Aligns Toes, Increases Circulation, Straighten Bent Toes, Realigns Joint, Improves Balance, Improves Foot Strength and Bunion Relief Features: Regain foot health by rinsing the toes in water and wearing them for 10 minutes. Regular use may help resolve common foot problems like hallux, varus and hammer toe. Super Soft Gel, comfortable to wear. One size fits left or right toe Washable and reusable, diabetic-friendly.



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